What Should I Eat? : Solve Diabetes, Lose Weight, and Live Healthy

Rick Mystrom's book, "What Should I Eat to Solve Diabetes, Lose Weight & Live Healthy, has become a lifeline for Type 2 diabetics. Click below to see his presentation.

In the book, he clarifies and graphs the answer to one of America's most frequently asked health questions:

What Should I Eat?

The answer is based on 60,000 blood tests he’s given himself after nearly every meal he’s eaten for the past 34 years.

“Rick Mystrom was a terrific speaker. He had great clarity in his presentation. It was personal, practical, and enjoyable.”

This book will be life changing for you if…

What Should I Eat Cover
…you’re a Type 2 diabetic who wants to lower your blood sugar and lose weight

…you’re a prediabetic or borderline diabetic who wants to avoid ever getting diabetes

…you’re a Type 1 diabetic who wants to improve blood sugar control and live a long, healthy life


… if you’re one of the two thirds of all American adults who wants to lose weight, live healthier, and enjoy life more.

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